Enjoy an unbelievable 7 days climb to the summit of the legendary and stunning Kilimanjaro peak in Tanzania along the Lemosho Route with one of our certified guides. we will spend 7 days in the mountain by way of the Lemosho Route. The Lemosho Route is widely considered to be the best route to the top of Kilimanjaro. New and incredibly scenic, this route will absolutely take your breath away. It is also quite a remote route still. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the crowds that come with the older, more established routes. Hence making your experience even more magical.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Tanzania

We will transfer you from Kilimanjaro Airport to your hotel in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. You can spend the rest of the day relaxing at the hotel or exploring the town of Moshi. We will brief you about the trek in the evening.

  • Overnight at Chanya Lodge

Day 2: From Moshi to the Big Tree Camp (2,780 m)

We will pick you up in the morning and take you to the Londorossi Gate (2,250 m). Here, after registration, we will drive for about 15 km on a bumpy track through dense rainforest to get to the starting point of the trek. The trail leads through an unspoiled natural forest to get to the Big Tree Camp. As this region is also home to wild animals, you will be accompanied by an armed ranger during the first 2 days of your trek.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 3: Big Head from Big Tree Camp (2,780 m) to Shira Camp 2 (3,900 m)

Continuing through a rain forest, we will walk into a landscape of heath and moorland where plants like erica and lobelia start to dominate. We will cross the Shira Ridge and after 4 to 5 hours of trekking, we will reach the Shira Camp 1. Here, we will stop for lunch and enjoy the fantastic views of Mt Meru and the Rift Valley. For the last part of the climb (approximately 3 hours), we will climb another 250 m. The landscape will change again and you will pass by giant senecios that can grow to almost 9 m in height. We will camp at Shira Camp 2 and enjoy the wonderful view of the Kibo summit at sunset.

  • Meals: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 4: Shira Camp 2 (3,900 m) to Barranco Camp (3,960 m)

Today we will climb approximately 700 m which will help your body to acclimatize. The trek begins with a long ascent above the Shira Plateau in the direction of the Lava Tower. The vegetation will become sparser as we enter the alpine desert. Passing through the wide Barranco Valley with its lobelia and giant senecio plants, we will arrive at the Barranco Camp after about 6-7 hours.

  • Meals: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 5: Barranco Camp (3960M) to Karanga Camp ( 3963 m)

We’ll climb the Great Barranco Wall, which divides us from the southeastern slopes of Kibo. It’s a bit of a strenuous climb over the rock but is not technical. Passing underneath the Heim and Kersten glaciers, we head towards the Karanga valley. Ascending up from Karanga valley, we’ll continue until we reach the Karanga camp (3963m). Here, we can also choose a mid-afternoon acclimatization trek up to around 4200m before returning back to camp for the night.

  • Meals: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 6: Karanga Camp ( 3963 M) to Barafu Camp( 4640 m)

We’ll set off on our walk to Barafu camp at 4640m. Ascending scree slopes, we’ll arrive at the camp and spend the afternoon resting and preparing for the summit hike the next day.

  • Meals: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 7: Barafu Camp ( 4640 M) to Uhuru Peak( 5895 M) & Down to Millennium Camp

We begin at around midnight and climb the summit glaciers. Ascending on scree slopes for about 4 to 5 hours, we’ll reach the crater rim at Stella Point (5739m) to see a beautiful sunrise. You’ll see stunning views of the Mawenzi peak from here. Continuing further for about an hour, we’ll get to Uhuru Peak (5895m). We’ll descend via the same route to reach Millennium Camp.

  • Meals: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 8: Descend from Millennium Camp (3790M) to Mweka Gate (1630M)

We’ll descend via the rainforest to get to Mweka Gate, and you will be transferred to your hotel in Moshi.

  • Meals: Breakfast & Lunch

Day 9: Departure

Say goodbye to Tanzania with some incredible memories.

  • Meals: Breakfast
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