Memorable experiences

“We are happy to meet wonderful characters and make lifelong friendships by organizing memorable safaris. Our satisfaction comes from knowing that every visitor is enriched with a memorable and exciting experience. Our tours last from 1 to 24 days and give you the opportunity to organize a relaxing break so you can easily see everything a country has to offer.”

Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide has over 10 years of experience in providing high quality, customized holiday experiences to travelers to Tanzania and surrounding countries such as Uganda, and Kenya. 

Born and raised in Tanzania, we are passionate about our home country and ensure that every experience exceeds expectations and allows you to see our country at its best, so you will want to return.

To do this, we work with a selection of boutique hotels, all of which are set in stunning surroundings, with an atmosphere and service that reflects the quality guaranteed by Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide.

Tailor Made trips

Our experienced tour consultants are 24/7 hours ready to craft a personalized private safari itinerary to the best of you.

Our tour guides

We recruit local guides with proven experience in mammals, mountains, birds and tourist attractions in particular areas. Our company guides are always subjected to regular training e.g. bird guides training which is annually held. Safety training is an integral part of their training.

Our team consists of professional, passionate and knowledgable staff who advise and provide you with the right knowledge for your desired safari itineraries and educational tours to exclusive and special Tanzanian safari locations that showcase the rich African culture, people and history, nature, wildlife and Primate Tracking and the most fantastic activity, Kilimanjaro Climbing in Kilimanjaro National Park and Serengeti National Park

Reasons To Book With Us

Competitive Prices. We provide competitive prices because we believe that travel doesn’t have to run you bankrupt. Much as our services are superior, our prices are less than what others normally charge.

Safety & Trust. At the forefront of our trip planning, we place your safety. We understand that some travelers get their thrill from extreme adventure that is why we take every possible caution while planning.

Good Destination Knowledge. Africa may look like one big village but every destination is different.

Expert & Multi lingual Travel Guides & Drivers.  Please feel free to ask for a language guide. All our guides speak English, French but some speak more languages like German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

Reliability.  We deliver exactly what we promise and that is why our company continues to grow every year.

Best Handpicked Accommodation options. We understand the role accommodation plays on the overall safari experience. We handpick accommodation to suit a specific traveler and we ensure that it ticks off all his boxes. Request for it and we shall deliver.

Water & Snacks. While on safari, we provide you with water and snacks like nuts, fruits, crisps and cookies. Please inform us in advance of any food allergies/ intolerance.

Community Involvement. As sustainable tourism champions, we love to involve the community so that they can participate in conservation. 

Detailed Itineraries.  Our itineraries not only detailed but also interactive. The moment your safari is confirmed, you will get a link to your itinerary which you can also share so that your friends and family know exactly what you are doing daily. 

Accessibility. It is the digital era where internet is a basic need. In collaboration with Flexi roam Africa, you will have data connectivity no matter where you are or how remote. 

Privacy is paramount. Please read our privacy policy and also feel free to request us not to share your photos while on safari.

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